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About US

Mac's Snacks Manufacturing Plant, Arlington, Texas Mac's Snacks, Inc.
Subsidiary of Evan's Food Product Co.
615 N. Great Southwest Pkwy.
Arlington, Texas 76011
Jim Speake, General manager

Since 1932, Mac's Snacks has maintained its position as the country's leading manufacturer of high quality, great tasting pork rinds and pork cracklins. With over 100 years combined experience in our management team, Mac's knows what it takes to supply our customers with the highest quality pork rinds and pork cracklins. Mac's uses only the highest quality hog skin available in today's market, as well as fresh premium quality yellow oil to fry our products. Mac's attractive high color, high barrier, premium quality packaging-combined with specialty formulated pork seasonings like hot and spicy, BBQ, salt and vinegar and chili and lime-guarantees that Mac's will always supply the best selling, best tasting pork rinds and pork cracklins available in today's market. Mac's has maintained an aggressive and innovative viewpoint on today's high tech packaging and customer demands and currently stands ready to lead our ever-expanding portion of the snack food industry into the new millennium.


Mac's Plain Pork Skins

Mac's Hot Pork Chicharrones

Mac's Salt and Vinegar Pork Skins

Mac's BBQ Pork Skins

Mac's Hot Pork Rinds

Mac's Plain Pork Rinds


We would like you to consider distributing pork rinds. Our products deliver:
  • High Gross Profit
  • Rapid Turnover
  • Premium Quality Packaging
  • Wide Variety For Broad Consumer Appeal
  • Superior Nutrition versus other Snack Foods
Distributing our products offers the following benefits:
  • Exclusive Protected Territory
  • Master Distributorship Control within a Territory
  • Quick Growth with Independent Route Drivers and Sub Distributors
  • Competitive retail pricing in the majority of Markets
  • Orders processed and shipped within 7 to 10 working days
Distribution companies are encouraged to consider adding pork rinds to their product mix. New distributors are welcome and receive guidance on starting a new distribution business including:
  • A Comprehensive Starter Package includes all forms to start and expand your business, plus initial supplies like clip strips and star burst signs.
  • Step-By-Step Guide on building your first route of 10-25 accounts.
  • On Going Support to help succeed quickly and grow your business.

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